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Tilton 7.25in Multi Disc Race Clutch

Tilton 7.25in Multi Disc Race Clutch

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2-Plate Cerametallic Specifications:

PT#66-302HGG (clutch)

PT#64185-8-VV-57 (discs)

Weight: 8.2 lbs

Rated at: 760 ft/lbs (1030Nm)


3-Plate Metallic Specifications:

PT#66-503HG (clutch)

PT#64185-2-ACC-57 (discs)

Weight: 10.6 lbs

Rated at: 1020 ft/lbs (1383Nm)


Engineered for applications that require additional heat capacity, Tilton’s 7.25″ OT-II  racing clutches offer the low moment-of-inertia, high torque capacity and reliability necessary for the most demanding racing applications. Four diaphragm spring rate options offer a wide range of torque capacities and release loads to tune the clutch for the application, and the high-mass pressure plate provides additional heat capacity for severe applications.


  • Open, one-piece clutch cover design. Provides lower operating temperature, higher strength and minimized deflection for quick shifting.
  • Chrome vanadium diaphragm springs and an engineered pressure plate geometry. Provides a high clamp load-to-wear ratio, low release load and quick shifting.
  • High-strength steel pressure and floater plates.
  • Hardened steel thrust buttons provide a smooth and durable surface for pressure and floater plates.
  • Dynamic spin balanced.
  • Individually inspected for proper assembly and balance.

    Proudly Made In The USA.

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