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Tilton ST-246 Twin Disc Clutch Kit

Tilton ST-246 Twin Disc Clutch Kit

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Works only with the JZ adapter 'Street twin' option!

Tilton has applied their nearly 50 years of experience in racing clutches to develop the ST-246 line of 246mm (9.7”) twin disc clutch kits for the high-performance street market. Unlike many of the “performance clutches” on the market, ST-246 clutches were engineered from the ground up as a true performance twin disc clutch and not an OEM-type stamped steel pressure plate with a floater plate added. ST-246 clutches are designed to provide high torque capacity, low wear rate, smooth shifting and good drivability. All ST-246 twin disc clutch kits are available with either sprung-hub organic discs (850 lb-ft capacity) or solid-hub cerametallic discs (1250 lb-ft capacity).

- Precision machined aluminum clutch cover provides high-strength, stiffness and better dynamic balance than OE-type stamped steel covers.
- High-mass main pressure plate and floater plate, machined from the same proprietary material as used in Tilton’s racing clutches, provides high heat capacity and resists.
- Heavy-duty straps attach pressure plate and floater plate to the clutch cover, minimizing noise and providing fast & clean release between shifts.
- Weight and inertia engineered to provide a good balance of performance and drivability
- 246mm sprung-hub organic disc (850 lb-ft) and solid-hub cerametallic disc (1250 lb-ft) options.

For most standard clutch pedal ratios, this clutch will work best with hydraulic release bearing 60-1100 (provided with our adapter kit) and a 7/8" bore master cylinder.

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