Choose Your Flywheel And Clutch

Clutch options:

SINGLE: Rated Torque
ACT 580ft/lbs
Competition Clutch 575ft/lbs
Tilton cerametallic twin 760ft/lbs
Tilton metallic triple 1020ft/lbs
Only For JZ kit - Street Twin ST-246 (9.7"):
Tilton ST-246 sprung-hub organic 850ft/lbs
Tilton ST-246 solid-hub cerametallic 1250ft/lbs

 For other combinations contact us.


We offer three flywheel options to cater to each individual's needs: SINGLE, MULTI(7.25") or Street Twin ST-246(9.7"), all options are extremely comprehensive and include everything you need for a seamless swap. 

Our SINGLE option includes a single plate flywheel that is 14lbs. We recommend to use the ACT clutch or the Competition Clutch for 350Z/370Z/G35/G37.

Our MULTI(7.25") option utilizes a 14lb flywheel and is designed to work with the TILTON 7.25” racing clutch, that is available in two options: dual (cerametallic twin disc) or triple (metallic triple disc).

The Street Twin ST-246 (9.7") *(Only For JZ kit) option uses our 13.2lb flywheel and works only with the ST-246 clutch kit, available with sprung-hub organic disc or solid-hub cerametallic disc.