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ROTARY to CD009/CD00A Adapter System

ROTARY to CD009/CD00A Adapter System

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The highest quality adapter system to mate the Mazda Rotary Engines to a Nissan CD009/JK transmission on the market. An Rx-8 starter is required to fit our Bellhousing and flywheel combo.

We offer two flywheel options to cater to each individual's needs: SINGLE or MULTI, either option is extremely comprehensive and include everything you need for a seamless swap.

Our SINGLE option includes a single plate flywheel that is 14lbs. We recommend to use the ACT clutch or the McLeod for 350Z/370Z/G35/G37.

Our MULTI(7.25") option utilizes a 14lbs flywheel and is designed to work with the TILTON 7.25” racing clutch, that is available in two options: dual (cerametallic twin disc) or triple (metallic triple disc).

Clutch options:

SINGLE: Rated Torque
ACT 580ft/lbs
McLeod 575ft/lbs
Tilton cerametallic twin 760ft/lbs
Tilton metallic triple 1020ft/lbs


Note: RX7-FC's have smaller tunnels than FD's and require more fab work.

If you have questions, or require details about which multi disc clutches would work please contact us. Email, website, text/call, Instagram, or Facebook, and we will answer all your questions.

If you need a relocation shifter we would suggest the SERIALNINE CD999 shifter.



  1. FISCH Cast Bellhousing (Pre-assembled w/TILTON HRB, GOODRIDGE lines, FISCH pass-throughs, integral bleeder and cover plate)
  2. FISCH Billet Chromoly flywheel
  3. Input shaft and transmission case cutting guides
  4. Bellhousing bolts Grade 12.9
  5. ARP flywheel bolts
  6. Input shaft bearing spacers for every model of CD
  7. Pilot bearing
  8. NISSAN OEM Input shaft seal
  9. NISSAN OEM Bellhousing gasket
  10. ENERGY SUSPENSION transmission mount

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    Warranty & Returns

    Fisch Racing Tech products are sold for off road use only, and are intended for vehicles used only as such. Installation and use of this product may be in direct violation of local laws and are therefore not to be used on public roads.

    The buyer is responsible for all Fisch parts after they have been received. This includes installation, monitoring condition, any alterations, and all damages sustained.

    In the event of a warranty for defects, it is agreed that under no circumstances shall the seller, or manufacturer be liable for repair costs. This includes travel time, diagnosis, removal, reinstallation, shipping, or contingency expenses.

    Fisch Racing Tech Warranty Coverage:
    Improper installation may cause damage, or injury. It is recommended that installation be performed by a licensed professional.

    Fisch manufactured parts are covered under warranty for 5 years.
    Fisch flywheels carry a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defect. This does not include wear and tear, improper use, or improper installation.
    Third party manufactured parts are under warranty for as long as the manufacturing party will honor. (Tilton, ARP, Goodridge, Energy Suspension, Nissan, etc.)

    For all exchanges and returns, please email us at
    Exchanges will only be made if components and packaging are in good condition.
    Returns are to be initiated within 30 days of purchase.
    All exchanges and returns must be sent as pre-paid, tracked parcels

    For any additional questions or concerns, we are available via Email, Phone, Text, Instagram, or Facebook. Check our Contact Us page for details.

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