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Toyota JZ Oil Cap

Toyota JZ Oil Cap

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Fisch Racing Tech Toyota JZ Oil Cap

Enhance your Toyota engine with our high-quality Fisch Oil Fill Cap, specifically designed for 1JZ/2JZ and some other Toyotas that have a twist lock spring loaded cap. This spring-loaded factory inspired oil cap snaps into place with a simple twist and stays secure thanks to its precise CNC machining from billet aluminum, right here in Canada. Upgrade your engine with the durability and sleek design of our Fisch JZ Oil Cap.

  • Factory oil cap design
  • Spring loaded
  • Snaps into place when twisted on
  • Stays tight


Included Components

Choose Your Clutch

Clutch options:

SINGLE: Rated Torque
ACT 580ft/lbs
McLeod 575ft/lbs
Tilton cerametallic twin 760ft/lbs
Tilton metallic triple 1020ft/lbs
Only For JZ kit - Street Twin ST-246 (9.7"):
Tilton ST-246 sprung-hub organic 850ft/lbs
Tilton ST-246 solid-hub cerametallic 1250ft/lbs


For other combinations contact us.


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Warranty and Returns

Fisch Racing Tech products are sold for off road use only, and are intended for vehicles used only as such. Installation and use of this product may be in direct violation of local laws and are therefore not to be used on public roads.

The buyer is responsible for all Fisch parts after they have been received. This includes installation, monitoring condition, any alterations, and all damages sustained.

In the event of a warranty for defects, it is agreed that under no circumstances shall the seller, or manufacturer be liable for repair costs. This includes travel time, diagnosis, removal, reinstallation, shipping, or contingency expenses.

Fisch Racing Tech Warranty Coverage:
Improper installation may cause damage, or injury. It is recommended that installation be performed by a licensed professional.

Fisch manufactured parts are covered under warranty for 5 years.
Fisch flywheels carry a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defect. This does not include wear and tear, improper use, or improper installation.
Third party manufactured parts are under warranty for as long as the manufacturing party will honor. (Tilton, ARP, Goodridge, Energy Suspension, Nissan, etc.)

For all exchanges and returns, please email us at
Exchanges will only be made if components and packaging are in good condition.
Returns are to be initiated within 30 days of purchase.
All exchanges and returns must be sent as pre-paid, tracked parcels

For any additional questions or concerns, we are available via Email, Phone, Text, Instagram, or Facebook. Check our Contact Us page for details.

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  • Perfect Fitment

    Our products are designed and manufactured with high precision to ensure perfect fitment.

  • 5 Star Reviews

    Our 5 star reviews prove that our adapter system is the best option when manual swapping your car.

  • Different Clutch/Flywheel Options

    We offer multi or single disc flywheel options to suite the power output of your engine.

Who We Are.

In 2019, FISCH RACING TECH emerged from the collaboration of Henry and Sigi. Henry paired over two decades of experience as a machinist with Sigi's 15+ years of expertise as a mechanical engineer. Recognizing the demand for high-quality transmission adapters and racing components within the enthusiast community, they embarked on the creation of the renowned Fisch Racing Tech Adapter System. They started product development in 2019 and successfully introduced their first products to the market in 2020.

Don't take our word for it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jase Deen
JZ oil cap

Excellent quality oil cap and especially for the money, fits and looks great and would highly advise anyone to get one.

justin malzard
1jzgte vvti oil cap

Ive brought two of these now because they are a great touch to the engine bay great fitment the colour doesn't fade out they dont leak definitely recommend


Everything went great, little long on shipping but no complaints

Best JZ Oil Cap

These are the best looking aftermarket oil caps out there. The quality is insane and is the cherry on top for any JZ motor. I've bought two for both a 1JZ and 2JZ and fit and finish are amazing.

Then they released a purple version, and now my wallet hurts since I just had to buy another set of two. Can't regret buying quality products, though 🥲

Best OE fitting Billet JZ Oil Cap

I've picked up 2 of these Fisch oil caps in different colors and can safely say these are the best OE fitment JZ oil caps I've seen on the market. I've been searching for a nice OE fitment cap for a while, have bought 3 other aftermarket caps that I was never happy with how they looked on the valve cover. This oil cap has a superb quality to all the other JZ oil caps I've purchased over the years, so glad Fisch made such a quality piece. Thank you Fisch!


Which clutch should I run?

For Mostly Street Use try to keep a “single” sprung hub so that engagement is less jarring, but if you need the extra rotating mass and don’t mind a really aggressive pedal you can go unsprung.

We recommend the ACT that is on our website for 580 ft lbs (600hp) ACT NZ2-HDG6 (6 puck, sprung hub, HD pressure plate; ACT NZ2-HDG6). If you are going to be upgrading your engine soon, ACT pressure plates and clutch discs are interchangeable so you can upgrade just the disc and get an extra 150 ft lbs out of your clutch for only a couple hundred dollars.

Another cheaper option is the McLeod:

For Mostly Track Use try to go with “multi” 7.25” Tilton 2-plate cerametallic or 3-plate metallic. Cerametallic wears a bit slower, but weighs a bit more than metallic. Metallic sounds more broken. Lots of good racecar noises. This is a good thing. Cerametallic doesn’t offer 3 disc, so a good feeling pressure plate caps around 760 ft lbs.

Tilton 2-3 discs can be built to hold over 1300 ft lbs. More than the trans is likely going to be able to handle…. So power isnt the cap for these clutches

Pros: Very lightweight. Engine revs out quickly. Race Car sounds. Replacement disc packs are cheap.

Cons: Unsprung hubs = harsh engagement. RPM need to be high in order to slip it at all. Loading your trailer, or sitting in traffic will not be fun

For Mostly Street and Track with higher hp you can use the Tilton ST-246 (9.6”). ST-246 clutches are designed to provide high torque capacity, low wear rate, smooth shifting and good drivability. All ST-246 twin disc clutch kits are available with either sprung-hub organic discs (850 lb-ft capacity) or solid-hub cerametallic discs (1250 lb-ft capacity). Right now only available for the JZ adapter kit.

Is the clutch included in the kit?

No. You have to buy the clutch separately, but you get 100USD Off when you buy as package. See clutches:

Which clutch master should I use?

For most standard clutch pedal ratios, the hydraulic release bearing (HRB) will work best with a 3/4"bore master cylinder. For the ST-246 clutch you should go with a 7/8” bore master.

Can I run a different clutch than you recommend?

The single option will work with any good quality 350Z/370Z/G35/G37 clutches. PLEASE CHECK BEARING CLEARANCE AFTER INSTALLING! Stack height are different.

For multi option we use a ‘step type” flywheel. Be sure that the one you have selected is meant for a step type mount.

For other combinations please email with your inquiry to

Do you guys sell driveshafts?

Not at the moment. We have only Yokes:

You will need to have a driveshaft made, or your OEM one modified, when putting a CD into a car that didn't come with one.

1350 series joint is about 37.5-percent stronger than the 1310 series

There are so many factors that play into how much power a U joint can handle. Tire size, vehicle weight, gear ratio. Ask your driveshaft shop what size they recommend for your application.

Where can I get replacement parts?

On our website you find a lot replacement parts:

For other parts please email with your inquiry to