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DODO Racing 2JZ-GET Intake Adapter Runners

DODO Racing 2JZ-GET Intake Adapter Runners


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Adapter Runners to fit any 2JZ-GTE plenum to a 2JZ-GE engine

Need a fuel rail? Consider upgrading to the 2JZ-GE Intake Adapter Kit

This Runner enables you to fit any 2JZ-GTE intake plenum to your 2JZ-GE.
People using adapter plates have experienced issues not being able to close their hoods.
This is why DODO Racing decided to give you one-piece cast aluminium intake runners to accept your GTE plenum.
Unlike with adapter plates, with this runners the position of the plenum is like on a 2JZ-GTE!
Same height, same distance to the engine and same angle.

If you want to use standard length injectors AND the OEM GTE throttle body, you need this low profile fuel rail. Otherwise the fuel rail WILL hit the throttle linkage!
Our low profile fuel rail has an indentation, specially designed to clear the throttle linkage.

Our fuel rail comes with all the fittings you need included.
2x ORB-8 to AN-6
2x ORB-8 to AN-8
2x ORB-8 plugs
3x stainless steel allen head bolts
3x heat insulating PTFE washers

If you have a non VVTI cylinder head with EGR, you WILL need the DODO Racing EGR Plug. Its unique design allows it to be installed directly to the cylinder head, as the DODO Racing GET runners do NOT have the EGR portion found on non-VVTI runners.
The radial high temperature resistant O-ring doesn't rely on axial pressure in order to seal. This enables it to be mounted with only one bolt.

With DODO Racing runners you are able to connect your injectors from below – no more messy wiring!

DODO Racing runners have two M6 threads for ECU ground at the same location like OEM.
For GE-VVTI to GTE-VVTI plenum: No wire cutting required, only re-routing. All connectors fit.

The runners are designed to be used with the 2JZ-GE VVTI intake gasket (part number 17177-46060). It is made of phenolic paper and has great heat insulation properties to keep your intake cool.
Do NOT use the non-VVTI metal gasket, as it is thinner and your injectors will be offset!
The fuel rail is designed to be used with the OEM fuel rail spacers to insulate the rail from the runners. We have added PTFE washers in order to minimize heat transfer through the bolts.


The fuel rail has a 17,5mm center bore (vs. 10mm stock) which enables 3 times more flow.

4 ORB-8 ports for more flexibility. To use the two center ports for feed/return use 90 or 135 degree AN fittings.

DODO Racing offset injector bore design keeps the rail as low as possible in order to clear the GTE intake plenum.



The runners are designed to accept any 2JZ-GE injectors (OBD1-style / no air assist) with 16mm lower grommets.

OEM 2JZ-GE non-VVTI Injector

For shorter aftermarket injectors, simply shorten the fuel rail spacers. Don’t use Injectors longer than 58mm in combination with OEM GTE throttle, otherwise the fuel rail will hit the throttle linkage.
(note: some manufacturers measure injector length differently)

For other (lower) injector diameters, use injector bosses.


When we designed this product, keeping the plenum at the same position like on a GTE had absolute priority. This creates some interference points, where you need to modify your plenum:

The 2JZ-GTE VVTI intake plenum has to be modified in order to fit. You need to cut it in 2 locations:


Dependent on the length of your injectors, you may need to do the following modifications:
– Delete IACV heating pipes
– Remove rear traction control bolt / cut housing
– Cut lower section of throttle cable bracket


-Power steering reservoir relocation
-Throttle cable extension
-GE intake gasket (17177-46060) and the GTE plenum gasket (17176-46030).

Warranty & Returns

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In the event of a warranty for defects, it is agreed that under no circumstances shall the seller, or manufacturer be liable for repair costs. This includes travel time, diagnosis, removal, reinstallation, shipping, or contingency expenses.

Fisch Racing Tech Warranty Coverage:
Improper installation may cause damage, or injury. It is recommended that installation be performed by a licensed professional.

Fisch manufactured parts are covered under warranty for 5 years.
Fisch flywheels carry a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defect. This does not include wear and tear, improper use, or improper installation.
Third party manufactured parts are under warranty for as long as the manufacturing party will honor. (Tilton, ARP, Goodridge, Energy Suspension, Nissan, etc.)

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